Vibraphonist - Marimbist - Improviser - Composer

Photo Credit: Noel Brennan

Photo Credit: Noel Brennan

“A vibraphonist to watch out for - Patricia Brennan played a solo set showing an exquisite, delicate touch with four mallets, even binder clips.”

NYC Jazz Record, 2018

“The night’s most lavishly shapeshifting number was Hollenbeck’s muscular arrangement of Kenny Wheeler’s Heyoke: among its several solos, a bittersweet couple of turns from tenor saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and some deliciously deadpan piano voicings from vibraphonist Patricia Brennan stood out the most brightly.”

New York Music Daily, 2018

"Drummer and composer Tomas Fujiwara began a five night residency at The Stone, accompanied by cellist Tomeka Reid (he's a member of her quartet) and Patricia Brennan. The scene was set for a meshing of chamber jazz, modern classical composition and improvisation, although most of Fujiwara's music sounded well organised in advance. All three players rose to an individual expression, working as a composite unit to deliver solo embellishments. Roles were malleable, as the listener decided whether everyone was soloing, or no-one. All three members were devoted to establishing a sensitive group consciousness, and they succeeded eminently." 

All About Jazz, 2018

"Last night at National Sawdust, pianist Vijay Iyer joined with bassist Linda May Han Oh and vibraphonist Patricia Brennan to create a somber, stunned, broodingly opaque and occasionally picturesque backdrop for Teju Cole‘s  allusively harrowing spoken word narrative, Blind Spot...Brennan took the lead when Iyer went into Lynchian soundtrack mode, adding shivery chromatic phrases over macabre piano allusions that Iyer quickly embellished so as to keep the suspense from ever reaching any kind of resolution. The three finally reached toward closure with a concluding requiem, but even there the gloom didn’t lift." 

New York Music Daily, 2017